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4 Face Yoga Poses to Tighten Your Skin | 3-Minute Makeover | Babble

Posted on   in Facelift

You’ve heard of yoga for the body and mind but in this episode celebrity facialist Georgia Lousie shows Sarah Bernard four face yoga poses to incorporate into your anti-aging regimen.

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4 Face Yoga Poses to Tighten Your Skin | 3-Minute Makeover | Babble

20 thoughts on “4 Face Yoga Poses to Tighten Your Skin | 3-Minute Makeover | Babble”

  1. No, the more you move your face, the more elasticity in your skin you lose. It'll worsen your face.

  2. please guys could you tell me the song of inter and finshing this video(back sound)

  3. please guys could you tell me title the song of this video back track for inter and finish ….

  4. do you have some face yogas to tighten face during weightloss and prevent saggy face and wrinkles

  5. Reminiscent Of A Daydream

    DONT DO THESE! The angey eyes one will give you wrinkles above your lashline and beneath your eyesThe forehead one does nothing you need to do light small circles with your fingertipsThe hornblower for mouth lines may fix the lines but it is going to stretch your cheeks and make them saggyThe jowels one you dont need to pushdown on your chest cause that could affect your breasts, but do tilt your head and instead of the tongue move your chin out instead so you have an under bite and hold for 20 seconds repeat as needed

  6. I just got it a week ago, I'm using it evey night before go to bed mostly on my neck. I have notice my neck feels so smooth and a little tighter. I love Argan Rain %100 Pure Argan Oil so far. I'm gonna keep using it and hopefully this can reduce the rings I have on my neck.

  7. so when you do laugh line exercise twining tounge around the cheeks am I right ? ans please good video

  8. here's a few things for looking younger eat a mixture of fruits, whole grains, and vegetablesDo exercises instead of watching TVUse Sunscreen.Stop smoking(I read these and why they work from Nendra face plan website )

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